Products PVC Compound

Granules of PVC‭ (‬poly vinyl Chloride‭) ‬which are required by the following industries:

  1. ‬Transparent products‭ ‬:
    ‏The company produces all kinds of PVC granules that used in producing all kinds of shoes soles of‭ ‬050,‭ ‬055,‭ ‬060,‭ ‬065,‭ ‬and‭ ‬070‭ ‬of hardiness.‭ ‬It also produces transparent granules of‭ ‬075,‭ ‬080,‭ ‬and‭ ‬085‭ ‬of hardiness that used in producing supported and colored water hoes that used in irrigation works.
  2. ‬Non transparent products‭ ‬:
    1. ‏‭ ‬Granules of PVC cables‭ ‬:‭ ‬this product used in producing all kinds of‭ ‬electronic wires separating,‭ ‬coating,‭ ‬or stuffing.‭ ‬It also used in production of electronic prepuce.
    2. ‏‭ ‬‬Separating granules of PVC that used in modern building chemicals for concrete insulators.
    3. ‏‭ ‬Wet granules of Prophil of PVC that used in producing grief of refrigerators doors,‭ ‬aluminum windows,‭ ‬cars glasses,‭ ‬and cars accessories.
    4. ‏‭ ‬Granules of apron that used with floors of Qana Letex.
  3. ‬‬Powder staples of hard PVC that the following products are manufactured from‭ ‬:
    1. ‏‭ ‬Granules of PVC that used in producing pipes of water,‭ ‬drainage,‭ ‬telephones,‭ ‬and electric that match international quality.
    2. ‏‭ ‬‬Granules of PVC that used in producing dry Prophil that used in producing doors sectors,‭ ‬windows and offices.
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