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PVC and shoe soles to meet the needs of local market and manufactures products according to the specifacation of customer, where it regards as extension to the company of Ramtan for PVC products and shoe soles (Foad Ali Hassan) whiuch starts it's activity in 1998 and regards as the greatest specialized companies in the following fields:

First: producing granules of PVC (poly vinyle chloride) of different hardiness.

Second: producing all kindsof shoe soles in line with Italian and Turkish fashion.

It worth to mention that Elkhayat company provides many products of PVC granules of different hardiness; this springs from its care with the interset of customer. these granules of proper for all needs of specialized factories in producing plastic products, specialized factories in producing shoe soles, and specialized factories in producing shoes.

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El khayat Plast Industries PVC Compound & Shoes Soles

Factory : 6th October City - second indutrial zone - Street No. 8 . Lot No .1/232
Tele : +20 2 38202678

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